Maker Faire 2012

Maker Faire 2012 was a huge success

We spent a bit of time making a nice display; we brought the ship steering wheel with all the gears and two hydraulic rams to demonstrate how the ship turns.

We sold a lot of Baby Tripods and a few of the bigger ones. We got to interact with a lot of people.


Setting up the Booth (notice the glass box around the gears, we don’t want to crush any fingers)



I think the highlight of the trip was these four girls explaining to each other how the gears moved the hydraulic ram and how the oil pushed into the other ram to make it move. These girls need a workshop right away.


We got everyone in Fiesta Hall to sing Claire happy Birthday, (Thanks Tyler).


We got to see a lot of cool art work and other people’s projects and see a lot of friends that honestly we don’t get to see enough.



We are looking forward to Maker Faire 2013 and we hope to bring the ship next time.

If you were there and you saw us, thank you.



ArtifexGroup was founded on the idea that when people are given the right tools, materials, and education they can create a better world.  We are a volunteer group of beginner to experienced Metal Artists that would like to help people with their individual art and also bring large collaborations to life.